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Circa 1857

The Belmont 1857 standing at over 9,000 square feet

is the last antebellum mansion along the river

in the Mississippi Delta.  

The house and the grounds have undergone an extensive restoration and all rooms are available for weddings, events, tours, B&B accommodations, and corporate retreats!​​​​

One mission of The Belmont is to ensure accurate

historical portrayals of life at the 1857 home before and after the Civil War. We are continuing to find out as much as we can about all of the people who walked through the doors of Belmont as enslaved or free people of color.

Take the journey with us.

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Voted BEST Bed & Breakfast and BEST Hidden Gem of the Mississippi River!

"This is one of the most unique and memorable places to have an event and/or have a local place to stay for the night! You’ll probably want more than a one-night visit. It’s a historical yet peaceful place to get a break from hustle and bustle!"

Callie Mahoney

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